Automatic Doors

Commercial Aluminium Automatic Doors Services

The unique aspect of these doors is that they are the most convenient form of enabling entrance and exit. These doors come with a multitude of benefits and features such as:

  • Climate control
  • Emergency efficiency
  • Practical management of foot traffic.

Many people believe that these doors are too expensive and costly to maintain. For this very reason, they avoid installing it. But it’s a myth and not reality. Automatic doors offer great convenience, total security, and saves energy. Most of the commercial establishments prefer them to make a positive impression.

At Sohal Shop Fronts Shutters, we believe that the entrance of any establishment is the most crucial aspect of security. Also, an appealing entry makes a strong impact on customers. Hence, one should never compromise with their business facade. .

Automatic doors can help you in the following ways:

Space Management:

Many establishments have limited space which creates a difficult situation. Whereas automatic entrance can provide an ideal solution for such areas. Installation of these doors doesn’t need extra space, unlike traditional doors.


Automatic entrance are hands-free, convenient and easy to use. Thus, they solve the problem of having to manually open a heavy door. This makes automatic doors a convenient option for elderly, disables customers, and people carrying heavy luggage or children.


Automatic doors are equipped with safety features. It include sensors, timers, and wireless remote control to enable you to lock and unlock the doors without being physically present.

Enables Easy Traffic Flow:

Commercial spaces such as schools, shops, universities, airports, and shopping malls receive a high traffic flow during the busy hours. Visitors struggle at such places to pass through manual doors or revolving doors. But, automatic doors are an excellent option for controlling the pedestrian traffic flow and reducing congestion. They can keep the traffic flow freely by proving a hassle-free entry and exit way.

Why choose us for automatic door installation?

At Sohal Shop fronts Shutters, we believe that people should never compromise with the security of their premises, whether it is commercial or residential. That’s why we provide all our automatic doors with cutting-edge security features.

We have years of experience in repairing, maintaining and installing automatic doors in London. Apart from that, we also offer many other products and services, such as roller shutters, door locks, shopfronts, and more. Contact us for the details!