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Toughened Glass is an aesthetically pleasing material. It is suitable for commercial buildings, shopping centres and high street retail stores. Do you want to give your business property an appealing and sophisticated appearance? Then it is crucial to choose the right glazing. Glass shop fronts in London are undoubtedly the most popular choice. It is because glass is the modern source of glamour with a unique appeal.

What makes toughened glass lead the market?

There are numerous tried and tested reasons why toughened glass should be your first choice when modifying your store front. These includ

Sophistication : Toughened glass offers a significant qualitative attribute that consists of all modern aesthetics. Shop front glass are attractive enough to allure your prospects into your store. It completely changes your business environment and gives a fancy feeling that makes the atmosphere worth experiencing.

Highly Durable : Glass shop fronts in London are famous for being highly resistant to corrosion, harsh weather and minimizes damages in case of an accident. The toughened glass used in the shop fronts are entirely different from the fragile and vulnerable glass types. With proper maintenance, servicing and care, your toughened glass store front can surely serve for decades.

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Thermal efficiencyModern-day toughened glass store fronts are designed with aspects that offer superior insulation. It is because of this property; the use of double glazing is common in both the commercial buildings and domestic premises. We at Sohal Shopfronts Shutters can provide the top-quality toughened glass that will moderate the inner temperature as per your needs to cut on your energy bills.

Security: Security is one of the crucial factors associated with store fronts. Your entrance point has to be highly secured to avoid any uncertainty and danger. Toughened Glass is the best choice for durability, sustainability, as well as security, unlike other glass types. This is because it is expertly made with an uncompromizeable thickness of 10mm or 12mm or even higher. Toughened shop front glass are generally difficult to break through, which makes it ideal for external facades. You can also enhance or double the security with cutting-edge security locks, sensors, and alarms.

Extensive application: Toughened glass are actively installed in hotels, offices, restaurants, airports, malls, supermarkets, beauty salons, hospitals, and the list can go on. You can also customize them with automatic-doors, sliding doors, and swinging doors.


Why choose us?

If you want a certified and experienced shop fitter to install your glass shop fronts in London, we are here to help. We understand and are very well aware of all the ways through which a properly installed glass store front can add value to your property. It has a unique ability to attract customers towards your store that further helps in your business growth. You can also ask for bespoke designs based on your locality and theme. Moreover, glass shop fronts with roller shutters are the perfect duo! Why are we telling you this?

Because we are indeed a one-stop destination for all your customized needs!

Our expert team not only deal with shop fronts but are equally trained in toughened glass repairing and installation. Once you hire us, we take complete responsibility so that you can relax knowing that your store is at the right hands. We assist you in testing and fitting your bespoke frontage according to your specifications.

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